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Bearings are essential in the functionality of many machines and industrial operations. They allow machinery to move at high speeds and produce great workloads with precision and efficiency. They are the reliable and durable pieces of a machine that allow it to move at high speeds with the least amount of vibration and noise possible.

There are several types, sizes, and styles of bearings to choose from. Whether you need them for large machines or smaller machines in your facility, we can provide the best quality to make sure that your productivity is at an all-time high and that your products come out efficiently and smoothly.

Our Supplies and Services

Janitorial Supplies

When you want to get the cleaning done right, you need the best supplies in the business. From simple paper towels, to the best quality mops, trash can liners, and much more, we carry all of the janitorial supplies that you will need to keep every room in the office looking clean and shiny.

Browse our selection of top of the line cleaning supplies. Whether the glass windows need a clean and streak-free look, or the desks need to be free of any speck of dust, we can ensure a clean and sanitary work space.


Industrial Supplies

When you have a business, you need the best supplies to keep everything up and running in top condition and productivity. Whether you need bearings or cleaning supplies, we can provide you with any equipment you may need.

If you need more information on the supplies we carry, one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Give us a call and receive the best industrial supplies in the business.

Safety Supplies

When you have a warehouse, or business, it is important to put safety before anything else in work. Working with heavy machinery can be hazardous and dangerous. To make ensure the safety of your employees, you need top of the line safety supplies.

From goggles, to disposable suits, we can provide you with every essential to keep things in the warehouse running smoothly and safely. We offer sorbent pads and socks to contain spills, you never know when you may run into an accident and find them useful.


Paper Products

We offer a large supply of towels, tissues, wipers, and many more paper products to keep your home, office, or facility clean and sanitary.

Featured Product

Central Kentucky Bearing is a proud partner with the Mule Head Brand line of products.

Mule Head Wipes
Mule Head Hand Cleaner